December 31, 2012: Daniel B. Honigman

Each New Year’s Eve, no matter which Chicago neighborhood Chicago we’ve lived in, my wife and I go out to a nearby restaurant - one within walking distance - to eat and celebrate as the clock strikes midnight.

It’s a fun, albeit practical, little tradition. Because we only go a few blocks away, we don’t have to worry about hailing a cab at 1am, or a long walk home in the freezing cold or snow.

December 31, naturally, is also a day in which most people reflect on the previous year. A lot has happened to me: I got married, went on my first big overseas trip (my honeymoon, of course), got a new job, walked away from a business I co-founded and started looking to buy a condo.

Needless to say, this is also the last entry for the the3six5 project.

These are all very big, very life-changing events for me - and they all happened within a 365-day span.

I married my best friend on November 10 (Len Kendall, appropriately, was my co-best man) and my tiny family grew: I got the best in-laws a guy could ask for (including the little sister I never knew I wanted) and all of the hilarity that follows big get-togethers. 30-person Easters, Thanksgivings and Christmases are all new to me, but I enjoy every minute of them.

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, my wife and I will raise our glasses for a toast. We will have a lot to look back on and be thankful for. More importantly, we will also have a new life together to look forward to. Including, if you ask Mollie, a new puppy. (We’ll see if that happens, though.)

What can I say? I feel like the king of the world. 

Cheers and Happy New Year to each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of the the3six5 family.


About the author: Daniel B. Honigman is a digital strategist, a the3six5 cofounder and a newly married man. Follow him on Twitter at @danielhonigman.